About us

MindfulnessForKids.net is a free resource of mindfulness exercises, meditations, videos and audio for children, parents and teachers, created by Dr. Nicola Kluge. 

The site is supported by donations, downloads, programs and advertising. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

One way of supporting our cause is to share MindfulnessForKids.net with friends and family, and with other people you think can benefit from the information.

The resources on this site are ideal for children ages 5 - 12, their parents, teachers, and anyone who would like to bring the gift of mindfulness to their child's life or classroom.

Nicola Kluge, Ph.D. creates the meditation scripts, videos and audios you find here on MindfulnessForKids.net.

Dr. Nicola received her Master's of Science Degree in Medical Pedagogy, and her Ph.D. in Special Education and Human Services from the University of Cologne, Germany.

Originally from Germany, she lives with her husband and four children in Texas, USA. 

In her free time, she loves to read, take care of rescue dogs, Yoga and Photography.

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