Mindfulness Exercises for Children - What if your right shoe was on your left foot?

Welcome to Mindfulness Exercises for Children. I am happy to see you!

I am sure you are familiar with opposite day, right? Let's pretend it is opposite day today!
Here is my idea for you:

Let's explore what it feels like to wear your right shoe on your left foot. Try that for a minute.
What does it feel like?

What do your toes feel like in your shoe? Wiggle them a little.
What parts of the shoe do they touch?

How about your heel?
What does your heel feel like in your shoe?

How about the sides of your foot? In what way do you feel the curvature of your shoe?
Is your sensation different from when you wear your right shoe on your right foot?

Now, let's walk around a little bit.
How does that feel?

Many times, when we do something that we are very familiar with in a different way, we learn something about yourselves.

During this mindfulness exercise, did you discover something new about yourself?  Maybe about your feet?

What were your thoughts during this exercise?
What your sensations?

Please leave your comments in the comment section below. I am always happy to hear from you!

With warm regards,
Miss Nicola

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