What is Mindfulness Meditation

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What Is Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness mediation has its roots in Buddhism, though the practice has become increasingly secular and mainstream today. 

Mindful meditation is advocated by doctors, psychologists, counselors, health gurus and others. The benefits of mindful mediation are far reaching. 

But just what is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation where you focus your mind on the present allowing for the free flow of thoughts and feelings without the need for suppression or judgment. 

You simply allow your feelings to drift in and out of your mind while noting them, but doing nothing to control them.

Mindfulness meditation is a way for the individual to gain insight into their feelings, thoughts and desires without fear of being censored, made fun of, or discouraged. 

It can be used as a tool to improve concentration, control emotions, change our reactions to certain situations and achieve inner peace and happiness.

How to practice Mindfulness Meditation

Most beginners in mindfulness meditation use a simple breathing technique where they find a comfortable and quiet spot to sit, simply close their eyes and then start taking slow deep breaths concentrating on breathing in through their nose and out through their mouth. 

You continue to focus solely on breathing until all thoughts and emotions clear from your mind, and you begin to feel each breath your take and the way your breath rises and falls.

Then slowly you begin to allow thoughts and feelings to come and go without trying to hold on to or analyze any one thought or feeling, but rather make note of them. 

If your mind does catch hold of a thought and won't let it go, simply go back to concentrate on your breathing until you mind is once again clear, and your thoughts and feelings simply flow through your mind.

At the end of your meditation, slowly open your eyes, and spend a few moments simply observing the world around you. 

A Sense of Rejuvenation 

Surprisingly, by focusing entirely on the present the mind and body feels a sense of rejuvenation, your thought process is clearer, you feel calmer and less stressed and more able to deal with the day to day problems of life. 

Mindfulness meditation also allows people to identify unrealized longings and goals.

Most important, mindfulness mediation allows people to experience life in a richer and fuller way than they may have thought possible.

This type of meditation has been known to:
  • help lift depression,
  • contribute to healthier interpersonal relationships, and
  • improve our appreciation for our lives, other people and the world around us.

Mindfulness meditation removes much of the negativity from our lives allowing us to focus on what is really important. It helps people become more compassionate and loving.

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