Mindfulness Activities

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Mindfulness activities and practices can bring you into the present. 

Today, with life getting exceedingly busier, people tend to operate on auto pilot, living more in their thoughts and thinking about the past or the future, failing to live in the present. 

This habit, leaves people unaware of what is happening in the world around them or in their own bodies. 

Pursuing mindfulness activities allows people to slow down their racing thoughts, focus on the present, and find relief from the stress and anxiety they feel.

Practicing mindfulness activities even for a few moments at a time, can improve concentrations, elevate your mood, and help you to live a happier and more fulfilling life. 

Best, of all there are several mindfulness activities that people of any age can participate in and benefit from. 

Here are a three easy-to-do mindfulness activities:

  • Mindful Eating  - The Two or Three Bite Activity
There are several benefits to mindful eating. These benefits include, better digestion, more enjoyment of food, the slowing down of your thought process, and the ability to feel completely relaxed. 

While it is best to practice mindfulness eating for an entire meal, beginners find practicing mindfulness eating for just the first two or three bites easier to achieve while still providing them with many benefits.

The practice of mindful eating means you focus your entire attention on your food. It is best if you turn off the television, put away that book or newspaper, and simply concentrate on the food in front of you.

Begin by observing the food you are about to eat, the way it looks, the smell, the heat that may be emanating from it. 

Allow yourself to become aware of the feel of your hand and arm as you cut the food and bring a bite to your mouth. 

Eat the bite slowly, savoring the taste or the feel of it in your mouth, the way your jaw moves as you chew, and how the food feels sliding down your throat as you swallow.

Most people are surprised at how food tastes and smells when they begin mindful eating. 

They also find themselves feeling satisfied while eating less food, because they are actually experiencing the process of eating in a entirely new and present way, rather than simply shoving food in their mouth to appease their hunger.

  • Mindful Listening Activity

Our world is filled with sound, but all too often in our haste to live life, and with our mind crowded with thoughts or worries, we don't even hear the sounds that are around us, allowing it to simply become one giant hum at the edges of awareness. 

How to practice mindful listening:

Practicing mindful listening for a few minutes each day, can bring the present in sharper focus and bring us to new appreciation of life.

Set a period of time to practice mindful listening and then concentrate on the external and internal sounds around you: the sound of your breathing, a dog barking in the distance, the hum of the refrigerator, or the chirping of a cricket. 

Don't react to the sounds, simply take them in, experiencing each one. After the exercise is complete, you will find that you can hear more of the world around you, that you feel refreshed and relaxed. 

You may even feel more at peace.

  • Other Mindfulness Activities:

Other mindfulness practices you can engage in for a short period each day includes mindful walking, even across a single room, mindful breathing even for one or two breaths, and even mindful washing your hands. 

In fact, any activity can be done with mindfulness and the simpler the activity the more in the present you will feel.

  • What Is Your Favorite Mindfulness Activity?

Do you enjoy a particular mindfulness practice or exercise you would like to share? Please leave a comment in the comment section below!

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