How Mindfulness Quotes Can Help Children and Adults

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Quotes serve a variety of purposes, they can amuse, inspire, give us pause for thought or simply serve as reminders for us to keep our eyes on the prize. 

Mindfulness quotes serve many of these same purposes as well as serving children as a focal point for focusing on general or specific mindfulness exercises. 

Mindfulness quotes when posted around your child's room, or place of study, can help children relax, control their emotions, their actions, and simply focus more clearly.

Mindfulness isn't difficult we just need to remember to do it.” (Sharon Salzberg) 

When parents or teachers first start using mindfulness exercises and activities, these activities may seem somewhat foreign to children. 

While they may actually enjoy doing these exercises when they are with you, they may initially forget to practice such activities when they are on their own. 

Using a mindfulness quote like the one from Sharon Salzburg serves as a gentle reminder to your child to try practicing some of the mindfulness exercises on their own until these exercises become a part of their daily routine. 

Only then will children really begin to understand how useful of a tool these exercises and quotes can be.

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” (Thich Nhat Hanh) 

Deep breathing exercises can help children to focus on their breath and let go of feelings of anger, anxiety, fear, and frustration. 

This simple quote by Thich Nhat Hanh helps children to remember that regardless of how out of control their emotions may seem at any given moment, focusing on deep breathing will help them to calm down, and bring them a sense of peace, so that they can control those emotions rather than letting those emotions control them.

Do not ruin today with mourning tomorrow.” (Catherine M. Valente) 

Children and adults alike, tend to put themselves into an emotional turmoil by worrying about the future. 

Whether your child is worried about an upcoming test, having a new teacher, or what their peers are going to think about their new hair cut. 

Worrying about what can happen can put children on edge, make them become angry, and set up a self-fulling prophecy type of situation because they will go into the situation on edge and on guard.

By reminding children to focus on today and the joy that is to be had, they become less defensive and more open, and are better able to deal with their day to day life.

You cannot control the results only your actions” (Allan Lokos)

One of the things Mindfulness for Kids strives to teach children, is that no matter how much they want to, they cannot control every situation or every outcome. All they can really control is their own actions and feeling about any given situation. 

This quote by Allan Lokos reminds children to use the mindfulness techniques they have learned to be able to control their own reactions to a given situation thereby creating a pleasant feeling within themselves.

Why posting mindfulness quotes around your home or classroom is helpful

Posting mindfulness quotes around your home or classroom, serves to remind children and adults that by slowing down our emotional responses through meditation, deep breathing, listening to music or other means, we can regain control, think more clearly and act appropriately and with compassion in almost any given situations.

Quotes can serve as reminders, areas of focus and a calming influence in our and our children's lives.

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